Sublimation Colors

RIVAL has developed our sublimation color swatches based on the most popular colors used by sports teams around the world. Our art team has done extensive research to ensure that the selected Pantone colors match up with the most common shades of each color. The use of fades or special effects, such as glowing edges or shadows, will alter the appearance of these colors. In addition, colors may vary slightly when printed on different fabrics.

RIVAL cannot accept returns for product based on final color output, unless there is proven to be a significant variation between the color selected and that which is printed on the final garment. If you feel that an improper color was used in the printing of your garment, please contact your dealer or sales rep and RIVAL will perform a thorough investigation to determine the nature of the issue.

Furthermore, RIVAL does its very best to match the colors used in sublimation with those used for all other programs and products in our catalog. However, the use of different fabrics and inks for different products makes it impossible to get an exact match between a sublimation product and a footwear or apparel item outside of the sublimation program. RIVAL will not be held responsible for any discrepancies in colors across product lines and returns will not be accepted on those items. If you have any questions on how the products in your team package will match up, please feel free to request samples from your local dealer or sales rep.

The colors and Pantone colors shown here reflect the published Pantone colors closest to our exclusive RIVAL colors. These numbers and swatches should be used as a reference point only, as the RIVAL colors used for printing may vary slightly. Please contact your local dealer or sales rep with any questions prior to signing off on artwork.